A Video Production Company

Football Life – Featuring Number #57 Raw Energy

His mom asked me to make a video highlighting her son’s performance on the field during provincials here in Edmonton. Had a great time filming although it was a cold day we got lots of good footage. A banger video!

I Want A Sports Highlight Video

NYE 2024 – Rocky Mountain Ice House 80’s 90’s 2000’s party

This one hit big as a nice capture and edit of the 2024 NYE bash at Rocky Mountain House. It was a pleasure filming and capturing all the right moments.

I Want A Party Video

Amazon Ad – The Egg Tool by NewYolk

Here we made an ad for Amazon promoting The Egg Tool, a Chalaza remover good for all kinds of flipping and removing. This was a dynamic process. We hired the actors, booked the show home and wrote the script as well as shot and edited the videos.


Gibbons Motor Toys – Stabicraft Ad

This video was shot at a boat show outside Gibbons, Alberta. Minimal shots were made yet we were able to cut a cool promo video for Stabicraft and Gibbons Motor Toys.


Welcome To The Highlands – Walk Through

This video is a stroll down a popular neighborhood in Edmonton. It showcases a few of the buildings. 


Drex Lee Inspired Kia Sportage Ad

Here we used the Drex Lee style of filmng and editing to bring you an ad of a 2023 Kia Sportage. The result was exciting.


Back Alley B-Roll

We shot some B-roll for an upcoming music video of a Graffiti alley on Whyte Ave. It’s a walk through and demonstrates the lengths we will go to capture good content.


Neighborhood B-Roll

We captured some B-roll using a walk through of the neighborhood. This shows some of the quality of work that we shoot and edit.


Stock Footage at Night

Here we shot stock footage at night and compiled it into a nice walk through video. The results were stunning.


Nike Ad – Experimental

Here we shot and experimental Nike Style Ad. It’s powerful and shows the variety of work we do.