The Sunset Streetcar Pop-Up Concert

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The Sunset Streetcar Pop-Up Concert

Sunset and a rainbow view over the city on the High level bridge, with your date.

This is Edmonton’s Official Street Car that you can catch just off Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona.

This was a commissioned video where a Client asked for raw footage only, but I decided to use the footage to make a compilation video to showcase the time spent, on the side.

I believe it was for #Yeg.Date and the promotion of it was perfect. In fact I got to take my Fiancé on the trip paid for by the Client.

When we pulled up to go on the streetcar it was raining a bit and there was a chance of cancellation due to lightning.

The rain continued but the storm was passing and we got the clear to go. We filmed the engineer of the streetcar before it came in welcoming us “all aboard”.

I also got a shot of the train as it rolled in. We boarded and found our seats on this old fashioned street car and introduced myself as the videographer.

The train began to roll down the tracks as we watched the city pass on by. We went through a tunnel and popped out onto the High Level Bridge overlooking the city. The train stopped. A Sunset on the left and a rainbow on the right.

The Concert began with a beautifully played guitar and singing by a local artist and we all were given a local craft beer of our choice complimentary as a part of the cost of a ticket.

It was a wonderful experience. The conductors were historically knowledgeable and hospitable. The beer and entertainment was a nice touch.

As we rolled back into the station off Whyte Ave. you could tell everyone enjoyed the experience. I’d highly recommend checking it out one day. @Yegstreetcar on Instagram